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Month: August 2016

  • Video

    According to the Video theory, which is written by Andreas Treske, media technologies require us to navigate through the world of meaning, into images that make our memories. These timeless or time thickened images change the atmosphere, take us to the ground zero feeling. “We are immersing in video atmospheres”, says Treske. Videos as forms of realness give […]

  • Cameras

    Overall, camera movements and positions effect the contemporary people’s impression of speed. Our relationship with technology is constantly evolving. Perhaps, the human enhancements will be the common culture in next decade. While the earliest cameras were room-sized, at the place we have arrived, quite rare and expensive implantation does not only give the blind people […]

  • Narration

    “Narrative is first and foremost a prodigious variety of genres, themselves distributed amongst different substances – as though any material were fit to receive man’s stories…” Roland Barthes, 1966 There are thousand of ways to narrate the same story.  With an example, man landed on the moon is the story. The story, which engages the […]

  • Put that There

    Voice and gesture at the graphics interface Put That There (1980) – YouTube

  • Navigation

    Navigation is the calculation of position and direction. The fundamental aim and working principal of the computer are much about navigation than usually missing. Many mechanical aids to calculation and measurement were designed for astronomical and navigational use.   Perception which is constitute from all former experiences, skills, concepts, misconceptions, thoughts and generalisations. The perceptual field, […]

  • Spatiality

    I will mention about the spatiality in twofold. One is related with spatiality of digital environments, which are virtual environments without physical qualities, the second is digitalised physical environments; environments that physically exist and digitalised into virtual by enabling technologies. People have tendency to pick the closer one and count the other one as a  object or subject […]

  • The Database Logic

    By the advent of camera and computing, historical data; which is in symbolic order by alphabetic symbols enhances its quality with  photography; which belongs to physical real. These epistemological enhancements changed the way of perception as well requirements of organisation, categorization and access of the data. The database is a structured data for managing, processing and accessing. The […]

  • Variability

    Lev Manovich lists the variability principles in his book called “The Language of New Media”. According to his findings; Media presents in database. Database acts and functions like the cultural form of the new age.  The database are mostly open for the users to generate or edit by means of content or form. This new level of […]

  • Game Feel

    “To many designers, game feel is about intuitive control.” “Even without a specific goal in mind, there is this intrinsic pleasure to control.” Usually, the interaction of the objects you see on the screen on television and films is passively perceived. Leaning back and having a cognitive interaction is what experienced rather than leaning forward […]