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Interactivity to mean the ability of humans to participate in actions in a representational context.

“The prefix “inter” means “between”, telling us that we are talking about an active relationship between the user and the content.  It’s two-way exchange. You do something, the content reaches to what you’ve done. or the content demands something from you, and you respond in some way.” Carolyn Handler Miller

“Interactivity exists on a continuum that could be characterised by three variables: frequency ( how often you could interact), range (how many choices were available), and significance (how much the choices really affected matters)” Laurel

The interactivity is not the sole ability to click in the digital environments. Each click gives its user to another sequence and each click end up with another destination. When the user faces with multiple possibilities, it’s the point that user performs its agency with an autonomous action. By this way, it is also possible to say that interactivity is a practice of becoming the agency. When the interactivity takes its place, it also means there are agencies in the actions. But, of course, there are levels of agency participation. For example, the easiest way to differentiate the level of agency participation considering games, thinking about the how chest based on low action but a high level of agency. The new environments of the digital, especially web base environments, involve the active process of navigation.

According to Roberto Simonovski “interactivity aims at motivating the recipient to co construct the work.”

“This encompasses several possibilities: (1) reaching the characteristic of the work (programmed interactivity: human-software), which includes first of all (but certainly not exclusively or primarily)  multilinearity in hypertexts requiring readers to make navigational decisions on their own; and (2) reaching to activities of other recipients (network bound interactivity human human via software), which includes cooperative writing projects asking all readers entering a Website to become authors of a given project. ” (Digital art and meaning, pg31)

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