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The term ‘multilinear’ refers to a structure that facilitates the potential to have no definitive start and end point.

A multilinear documentary made up of separate parts does not need to be fixed or static, and can be changed into different configurations.

This type of documentaries does not necessarily rely on the established conventions
of traditional film and television documentary making.

In contrast to creating explicit relations between shots, indexing is used to create implicit relations using keywords (Davenport and Murtaugh 1997):

…simple keyword descriptions associated with media objects provide the crucial function of isolating authors from the process of defining explicit relationships and links between units of content. Instead, by connecting a material (story element) to a keyword, the author defines a potential connection between the material and others that share that keyword. By connecting each material to a set of keywords, the author enables a material to be related to other materials in more than one way. (p.452)

By pan.do/ra  I began to explore the processes involved in creating a multilinear nonnarrative using an  taxonomy through indexing.

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