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Open Structure

Plantinga’s concept of an ‘open structure’ (1997) proposes that:

In general, open structures are more episodic, meandering, and idiosyncratic than their formal counterparts, although no film can avoid formal structure all together. Formal structures are motivated by the requirements of conventions of composition. Open structure may be motivated in various ways, by the filmmaker’s associations while filming, by an anthropological experiment or a journey, or by pure chance. (1997 pp.145–6)


New Media audiovisual designer, producer and lecturer Dr. Seth Keen studied Plantinga’s concept of an ‘open structure’ within the networked architecture of the Internet. He was interested in using a multilinear structure to create a work that had no beginning, middle or end. According to his findings, open structures typically do not rely on narrative causality or establishing a logical ordering of events.

His question is “How can the affordances of video, computers and the network be used to facilitate a web of relations between shots, in a multilinear structure?”

New open source software allows other artists to use the software and by this way besides creating a new sequences or environments, they are experimenting of a new algorithmic of an archive and its expanded various usages.

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