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Miles explains that:

Granularity is a term common to the hypertext literature… and refers to the scale of the units used within a larger system. For example, the Web can be considered highly granular (in general) because it is made up of many millions of individual parts, each of which appears well suited to being interconnected in quite unstructured (non hierarchical and multilinear) ways. (2005)

In an analysis of granularity, Brooks points out the multifunctional nature of video in this type of multilinear structuration:

For metalinear story, granularity has to do with the representation of meaning for each story piece. Given the
fluid and flexible nature of digital media, the meaning of a granule is based not on physical limitations, but more on how (or how many ways) the granule can be used to tell a part of a story. When a writer writes a metalinear story granule, what that writer is creating is a multifunctional cog that can be positioned in many different places within the linear story. The writer must, therefore, be aware of the issues connected with the creation of each granule—economy of size vs. precision in use. A balance or compromise must be struck, keeping in mind the complexity required to communicate the story at hand. (1999, p.50)

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