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Project J-Fest Doc

Interactive storytelling is the novel form of art. As Schneider (2011) proposes that documentary is in a state of flux due to the influence of ‘network conditions’ like all the forms of media. In Schneider’s argument, the objective is to reinvent documentary by responding to the ‘aesthetic potential of contemporary networked production’ (2011). Working from this argument, the objective in my research and my project is to explore possibilities outside of this acculturated approach towards linear documentary production. This demanded using the existed archive of the past 10 years and customised tools to produce an online interactive documentary.

According to Seth Keen who is a professor and the practitioner explores the ongoing requirement to respond to the development of new technologies and the redefinition of documentary practice due to the effect of those changes, paying attention to the affordances of granularity, remix, indexing and spatial montage; a better understanding of the affordances of video, computers and the network, documentary designers will be able to change their practice and improve the quality of documentaries published on the Internet.

My research method will be experimential

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