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Types of Interactivity according to Miller

Six basic type of interactivity can be found in the all interactive entertainments according to Miller.

1- Stimulus – response exchange: The user inputs a stimulus and the program produces a response. This stimulus can be something as simple as clicking on an image and seeing a little animated sequence or hearing a funny sound Or the user might click on a button and receive a few paragraphs of text information.

2- Navigation:  The user can choose what to do in the extend of offering. this might be the vas 3D environment exploration or a menu offering for the several actions.

3- The user can control virtual objects. While it is widespread usage of interactivity it is not  fund in all projects.

4- The user can communicate with other characters, including bots and other human players. It’s common but not obligatory.

5- The user can send information.

– 6- The user can receive or acquire things.  The nature of the material can range from virtual to concrete, and the methods of acquiring it can range greatly as well.

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