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Month: September 2016

  • Electron Tube

    The tube is a essential medium that unites various media complex. (radio, oscilloscope, television, computer) Cathode Ray Tube

  • 360 videos with mobiles

    What is used for video is sticking with the angle where the camera was pointing to during the capture of the video. Common and affordable 360° video recording demolish these boundary, thus the condition of the perception. These unfolded images require active participants.

  • Nam June Paik (1932–2006)

    Our life is half natural and half technological. Half-and-half is good. You cannot deny that high-tech is progress. We need it for jobs. Yet if you make only high-tech, you make war. So we must have a strong human element to keep modesty and natural life.  Nam June Paik Korean-born American artist Paik influence the […]

  • Games

    “Game world is a simplified subdomain of the real world.” Steve Swink Game industry developed as the result of the military contract spin off some of their products around the 1980s. Flight simulators design their technology for the arcade games, including game council PC games muds was growing with a pace. For example, Silicon Valley […]

  • Culture and Digital

    Digital applications convert the very habitual traditions of the cultures. For example, coffee fortune telling. This traditional behaviour of the Turkish people goes online on these days. People with smart phones are taking the pictures of their cups and send them to the virtual character who analyses the coffee cups and send them the analysis […]

  • Archive

        The archive is first the law of what can be said, the system that governs the appearance of statements as unique events. But the archive is also that which determines that all these things said do not accumulate endlessly in an amorphous mass, nor are they inscribed in an unbroken linearity, nor do […]

  • Spatiality

      Spatiality of the Digital Environment For the first time, space becomes media type. (Manovich, 2001) Much like the other types of media such as text, audio, video and stills space has become media type. While  linear media such as books and films can depict space,only digital environments can present space that we can move through. […]