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As an example, the text of mine is written on computer day by day. As if there is no final version, always open to rewrite, but at the same time every time presenting itself as an end; final version. Much like the organic entity. Usually what is common with text is not to publish it till you get the final version. In this case, by digital writing one publishing online, the authoritative quality of printed version which is also related with the aura is violated.

This also conveys the impression of digitally born data practice that refers to electronic mathematical data in which abstract visual and linguistic elements coincide and are circulated. There is no reference to an observer in a “real” optically perceive the world anymore. The data has to extract from the computer rather than inserting from the physical outside world.

Above all, as a behavioural change in a large scale, publishing online at an instant moment means so much. And it is explicitly much more like the face to face communication.

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