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Month: October 2016

  • Medium Theory

    Changes in modes of communication have important consequences for the society according to Medium theory. According to one of the most well known medium theorists McLuhan, history can be divided into four communication periods. These periods named by oral, writing, printing, and electronic based on the dominant communicational modes. And these modes also differentiate the social organisation […]

  • Re//Curating the Culture in Digital Environment

    Creation is all about mediators. Without them, nothing happens. —Gilles Deleuze   The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) By Paul O’Neill

  • Carnival Culture

    Culture of Laugher Contemporary festivals derive from the ancient history and the philosophy of carnival which has the “notion of laughter’s therapeutic and liberating force” (Bakhtin) and also sanctioned by the highest ideal aims of human existence, not by the world of practical conditions. Festival, as a gate which opens beyond the normative understanding of modern society, is a declaration of the utopia. […]

  • Converting the moment

    Capturing life around Video digitalising actual environment converting the digital data into actual word

  • Instant Sharing

    Without doubts, the ability of instant sharing is a bloom in media history. It allows people to express themselves and their environment in a very organic and spontaneous way. The synchronisation of the real-time activity and its digital representation make the process more attractive and artistic. Rather than designing the order, the opportunity to go […]