Month: November 2016

Buster Keaton (1895 – 1966)


How fabulous to meet with #BusterKeaton (1895-1966) in an ordinary night of late fall, almost a century later, in a far far away from where he lived, perhaps in a place where he had never been. This is how #screen time/place compound is working…What an amazing person,  #stunning #performance, charming outlook.

A physically talented and psychologically insightful actor is considered one  of the best screen artist of all times. Keaton had left many short films and more than ten major silent features, which are still retain his unassailable iconic image today.

Footage Aesthetic

Platform presents users different experience of seeing the footage. This new way is something that you can never came across in the conventional screening. Within timeline, users see the whole video that seems like an abstract art piece, which include impressive time sequence in it.

There are more than one way to see the data in the timeline option that user can easily change during its play.

User can also access the data in a form of wave.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 00.19.18.png

Sundace Camp copy 8.gif

With stunning natural and historical atmosphere,  meticulous members, and the facilities; Sundance makes the J-Fest possible in every year.

It locates in West Mediterranean region of Turkey known as part of the Gold Coast, in a city called Antalya. Situated right on the famous Lycian Way, today’s Teke Peninsula which juts into the Mediterannean on Turkey’s southern coast, covering the area from the Dalaman Stream in the west all the way to Phaselis on the western outskirts of Antalya, Sundance Camp with its beach, bar, restaurant, dance and yoga studios is an excellent placement for the J-Fest.

Sundance is immersed in historical places. One of the nearest one  Phaselis,  is only a 20 minute walk from Sundance. Olympus and Chemeria are also very near to the village.

Expressing with Gifs

'GIF' (tm) is CompuServe's standard for defining generalized  color
raster   images.    This   'Graphics  Interchange  Format'  allows high-quality, high-resolution graphics to be displayed on a  variety  of graphics  hardware  and is intended as an exchange and display mechanism for graphics images.  The image format described  in  this  document  is designed  to  support  current  and  future image technology and will in addition serve as a basis for future CompuServe graphics products.The main focus  of  this  document  is  to  provide  the  technical information  necessary  for  a  programmer to implement GIF encoders and decoders.  As such, some assumptions are made as to terminology relavent to graphics and programming in general.