Month: July 2017

Short Trips – Amasra/North West Turkey


Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 41.750183, 32.387524.

The “Kuşkaya” or “Bird’s Rock” monument is accessible by a staircase on the roadside and, it is located about 4 kilometres away from Amasra. Now headless human believed to be the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Germanicus and the headless figure of a Roman eagle carved into the rock. It is worth to see if you are around and interested in ancient history. There is a museum in the city of Amasra just next to the statue of Fatih Sultan Selim by the beach.

Amasra has beaches to swim but – forewarned is forearmed – the sea is not very friendly. There is no danger if you do not go far and it’s delicate to walk across the beaches or having coffee or tea toward to waves.

There are small knick-knacks to buy as well as the organic and traditional foods; such as fruits, vegetables, jams and cheeses.

Amasra has long been in the list of popular destinations in Turkey for Turkish visitors. Holiday companies are launching tours from Ankara, İstanbul and Izmir as I went from one of them. But while most tourists go to see attractive nature or ancient sites, Amasra also become a pleasing destination for those of a gastronomic persuasion. So what you can easily find in the area? Fish and salads are at the forefront. I insist that you should also try fried ice cream.

You may visit Amasra whenever you want but spring -May or June- is the best choice because of weather.  I could dare to swim in early May although it’s not very common and usual whereas I couldn’t swim in the late July because of the crowd on the beach. Also, it is pleasurable to wander around in warm days than hot. The good detail is area has its wind in every season even on the hottest summer days.

Sweet sensation of summer


Tactile delight of cold water feeling the breath fully and, consciously
Sipping a good coffee from the preferred cup and having its rush into the blood,
Turning on the music, hearing the notes and feeling their vibration into the brain,
Watching the movement of trees knowing the winds,
Smelling the blossoms of the flowers, and appreciate their beauty over their vulnerability,
Licking an ice cream sensing it’s melt in the mount,
Dancing in the hot nights chasing the heart beats,
Lying down on bare soil for watching the stars,
Moving slightly into clean sheets,
Falling a sleep after making love with the cosmos,
Feeling time passing moment by moment and having its pleasure,
Repeating the similar wonders with a great uncertainty,
These are what it means to live with the mellifluous voice of the summer to me.