17 thoughts on “Voyage to the memory”

  1. the pictures i suppose will be there to remind our loved ones of the good times we had together and the love that we shared..

  2. I like the question – what about the love we share , what happens to that after we are gone ? It shall stay as fond memories I guess in our hearts .

  3. I think the relationships we build and nurture become our legacy when we are gone.

  4. Why do you think our memories die? Most people say that its the memories that you take with you when you die. Since Memories are bits of data stored as energy and we know that you cant destroy energy but it just changes, then when we die doesnt the energy of our memories just transform?

  5. Interesting thought. Perhaps it is nice to think that the love we share imprints on objects and places and adds to the energy around it. I always love finding an old piece of furniture and wondering about its past owners’ stories, or seeing those love locks on bridges around the world and feeling the romance in the air.

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