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Sweet sounding whisper from the cup of tea 🌺☕💖

This cup based on balm plant and palm says “I grounds the times of stress. I am a master of soothing. I offer calmness and tranquillity. Drink me; I can soothe your head. Drink me and I will ease you into peace, my name is palm and I will supply you serenity. Drink me and see how magic is brewing”.

This cup provides Calendula. And Calendula says “My name is Calendula. I can ease, purify, and heal. Since I have anti-septic properties I can reduce scarring. I can release the muscle spasms. I will brighten up your cup, Drink me, and I will heal your wounds”

This cup also supplies roses and rose says “I’m rose. I can give you the sprit of love. Drink me, and I will also give you beauty since you are the most beautiful when you love yourself.”

As I’m sipping on this tea, may I connect with their conscious, intelligent, spirits,

As I’m delighted with their energies, may I fully grasp their offerings… 💖

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