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In front of the Sovereignty of Beauty

Bert.jpgAs I have been searching vast valleys, escaping from the crowds; until arrive at a protected place, I have watched the shore of the lake, I have listened the birds talking. I talk with my soul as I arrived and sit down, and I interrogated my loneliness. A soul who became thirsty to see a miracle or Oasis.

During my ego get rid of the captivity of material, and fly through imagination world, I turned my head and I saw a girl next to me. She is a fairy of heaven. She has no clothes, no ornament on her, she covered herself with a twig of grape and put her golden colored hairs a crown from the flowers. When she saw my fear and perplexity, she said: “I’m daughter of the forest, don’t afraid of me.”

I replied her “why you are sitting in the deserted places? tell me who you are? Where did you come from?”

She sits on the soil and “I’m the symbol of nature” she said. “The one that your grandfathers adored. They made me altars and temples in Babilon, Aphaca, Baalbek. I answered her “those altars were destroyed and my grandfathers’ bones mixed with the soil. There is nothing left from their Gods except a few pages in the bookshelves.”

She said; there are many gods who live in the life of a person, then they die after s/he die. Some live in the infinity, forever. My goodness feed with the beauty that you see and the reflection of the beauty from your eyes. This beauty is entirely nature itself. This beauty began the happiness of the man that walks in the hills. This beauty is a step that arrives a throne of reality.
At that time, I trembled with feelings that no words know. “In fact beauty is frightful and it is scary with its power. And she said with the smile of a flower and the anger of the life: “You, the children of the skin, you are afraid of everything, even from yourselves. But the nature not afraid of you. It is a safe port. You are afraid of the god of the gods and envy of her. Yet, isn’t god a love and compassion?

Fairy answers me like this: “It is the shape of your soul. It is the one that you see. It is the one that makes you giver rather than a taker. It is the one that you find yourself into it when you stretch out your hand to hold it. It is a test for the body and gift for the soul. It is a connection between joy and sorrow. It is an understanding of the latent, knowing the unknown and hearing the quite. It began with the blessedness of your bless and end with the place that your eyes cannot reach.”

Then the daughter of the forest got closer to me and closed my eyes with her sweet smelling hands. I find myself alone in the middle of the valley when she took back her hands. My soul was repeating while I was on the return road “Sovereignty, which makes you giver rather than a taker, is this beauty that you see.”

Halil Cibran

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