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Day: November 4, 2017

  • Thanksgiving 💖

    I want to thank some people, and tell how valued they are for me by being who they are, making efforts to sharing their gifts all over the world, keeping me motivated from the other corners of world, remind me the beauty of human, show me what is the capacity of body, getting me excited […]

  • Happy Full moon Everyone!

    May I/you be filled with love and abundance.

  • Zen Stories

    Sozan, the Chinese Zen master known for his poetry and calligraphy, was about to start a talk with his students. Just then, a student asked him, “Teacher, what is the most valuable thing in the world?” Without any hesitation, Sozan responded, “A dead cat’s head.” The student was baffled. Perhaps his Master hadn’t heard the […]

  • Zen Stories

    Once a division of the Japanese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasan’s temple. Gasan told his cook: “Let the officers have only the same simple fare we eat.” This made the army men angry, as they were used to very […]

  • Zen Stories ☯

    Joshu began the study of Zen when he was sixty years old and continued until he was eighty, when he realised Zen. He taught from the age of eighty until he was one hundred and twenty. A student once asked him: “If I haven’t anything in my mind, what shall I do?” Joshu replied: “Throw […]