Day: November 8, 2017

Whispers from the herbs – Echinacea tea ☕️


This cup based on Echinacea plant and echinacea says “I ground the times of weakness.  My power will fuel your owns. I will restore your own power. Drink me; I will stimulate your immune system, I offer your body an overall ability to fight inflections. I’m defence against negativity. I am a master of protection. Drink me, my name is Echinacea; delivered from Greek ekhinos; hedgehog. In the time of danger, the hedgehog’s curl up in the fetus position is an act of centering. I will help you to stay in the kernel and continue enjoying your life”.

As I’m sipping on this tea, may I connect with their conscious, intelligent, spirits,

As I’m delighted with their energies, may I fully grasp their offerings…