Month: January 2018

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

As yoga is for ages, not a temporary fad, and I’m only 34 years old, I know it will be tricky to speculate about it. Even so, since I’m alive, and I can write, got chance to have my education in master degree, got the yoga teacher training, got help from thousand people to get there, I have decided to write about yoga and asanas in the level of my experience.

So, if I explain my reason to have ventured in this adventure, Here is a story! Let it come! Let it come.

As I have been in the mountains recently, I should say that there are many similarities between 8 limps of yoga and being on a mountain.

Being top of the mountain resembles engrossing in the object of attention to the extent that we become one with it as Samathi also refered. Peak experience; fulfilment that brings us a great happiness which is achieved by putting your steps one by another is a great practice to sustain your concentration (Dharana) which leads to a state of reflection (Dhyana) Those states follows the orientation of senses (Dratyahara), which is lead by our projection of energy (Pranayama) which is mostly determined by our physical activity (asanas) which directly connect with our intentions. (Yamas and Niyamas)

Returning the asana level again,I ponder about it and decide not take the asanas as only can be performed on the mat. My aim will connect the asanas with my other experience and try to drive the attention to the connotations, and reminiscent of them. I guess, rather than acknowledge you, this will help me to get me the clear on them.

My beginning will be with Tadasana- Mountain pose.

Except from my recent experience and its quick connatation, it is the pose has a great wisdom conveying big significance. Mountain pose is the pose from which all other standing poses start and return, the pose that you can aware of the pull of gravity and feel firmly connected and grounded.

I will not explain much about the anatomical corrections or alignments that might be spread your whole weight in your both feet, lengthen your tailbone and sacrum downward, straighten your arms, open your chest and listen from the top of your head upward.

But please do, because a physical level is a manifested state as I understood so far.

Oh what ı will explain then… I guess this will be the intention.

Tadasana is the perfect pose to analyze staying fresh and observing yourself without judgement. Since you are steady and still you can touch each part of your body with your caring and loving attention. Since you are “steady and comfortable, relaxing into the infinite” (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) you might connect with the influx of powerful liberating force, taste the receiving love, and feel the joy. Hope you can do this!

Oh, What about being like a mountain?

May you be beautifully firm in all seasons like a mountain,

May you contain various life forms with your presence,

May you be the one that clouds seem so puffy and lovely,

May you be the one with a bountiful sense of connection,

May you be free to experience the bliss of residing in your own true nature.


at the top of the Işık mountain

Winter’s beauty 😍

After hiking in Bolu about 20km, now, I’m soooo tired. I have lots of good pictures of delightful sceneries that I’m eager to share. But, I had better to fall asleep directly right after I arrive home hopefully safely, becauseee again hopefully I will be on the mountain and doing my first peak experience tomorrow.