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Runing, love 💖

First run of the winter 😍

Taking up running outside in winter is a big decision, both mentally and physically, but following some golden rules it is much easier than I had thought.

Golden Rule One: A strong body will support your running, so don’t try to go from zero to hero, have patience and persistence in your practice, do the basic core exercises, stretch regularly. Stretching make you less sore the day after your run. Listen to your body and take rest when you feel you need.

Golden Rule Two: Proper running kit and trainers – They will make running easier and more comfortable. Also, they will give you motivation. Don’t forget the running bra that you will be grateful. Headphone is a significant accessory as listening up beat music makes your mood up. Be careful when you chose your headphone some are really good in the movement and some are not.

Golden Rule Three: Begin running with 10 minutes of walking, and do the same to cool down.


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