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Yoga Poses and their connotation

By witnessing yourself in the level of body, mind, emotions, breathe and as a whole interactive part of the bigger picture, you can use these powerful physical exercises-asanas as a powerful self developing tools.

In the plank pose you may choose to focus on your body and see your core muscles as center of the wheel; no matter how fast spins the wheel core must be still and precise. However, don’t miss the to put your attention on a witnessing mind.

Plank poses are perfect  poses for practising self observation; cultivating and enlarging the capacity for inspection and self compassion.

As being direct illustration of how mind and body change according to duration, they are also best for honouring time. Even for the one who has no difficulty at the beginning of the holding posture will have some trouble persisting in the posture with passing time.

Observing the minds activity with inner eyes continually and continuously; how it changes its tone with the lengthening duration one will be able to change the pattern and next time more positive attitude will come from the inner kick.

Right after the plank, Chaturanga; as an only a transition pose; show off as full integration in the core.

Eventually, by raising ourselves to upward facing dog, it’s time to open our chests and say thanks God !

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