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Running, love 💖

It was such a good day for an hour run and being thankful. So, I used my opportunity and be one.👌🏻💖🎉

Golden Rules of Running for me:

  • Golden Rule One: A strong body will support your running, so don’t try to go from zero to hero, have patience and persistence in your practice, do the basic core exercises, stretch regularly. Stretching make you less sore the day after your run. Listen to your body and take rest when you feel you need. N E V E R  C O M P A R E !
  • Golden Rule Two: Proper running kit and trainers – They will make running easier and more comfortable. Also, they will give you motivation. Don’t forget the running bra that you will be grateful. Headphone is a significant accessory as listening up beat music makes your mood up. Be careful when you chose your headphone some are really good in the movement and some are not. Hats are wonderful.
  • Golden Rule Three: Do NOT eat so much before running. For me, everything has to be well blended – my favourite recipe is banana, oatmeal, dried berries, nuts and cinnamon. Y U M M Y and light!

4 responses to “Running, love 💖”

  1. Never compare. Great tip! Not a great runner myself so the tips are good!

  2. Dee – My name is Doreen Hamangambwa, a Zambian living in Belgium. I was born and raised in a town called Ndola, in central Zambia, also known as the Copperbelt. I am a single mother of one, a 23 year old young man and I am the oldest of the eight siblings. I’ve been living in Belgium for the past 19 years, so Belgium is my second home. I am sure you’ve already noticed that I’ve mentioned God a few times already…He will be mentioned a lot in my rumblings because He plays a major role in my life. Without Him, I wouldn't be here…. I am what I am today because He kept me. Voila! That's me! :-).

    Great tips! I love running too and I eat a banana before running…I.never eat much before any workout. I got my feet tested too to make sure I have the right shoes

  3. alifeofauthenticity – Durham, NC

    I really wish I could get into running, because I know how good it would be for my overall health and weight loss desires. However, the one time I tried it, I had such a bad experience that I simply can’t get over it. LOL

  4. I don’t do much running but these are some good tips. I agree with not trying to go from zero to hero! Baby steps is always good.

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