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Month: May 2018

  • Love Blossom

    Do you mind a little bit careful, attentive, sensitive and respectful? Do you mind living heaven on earth?  🙏🏻💖💚💝💫

  • Luxury of Contemporariness

    One day, you’re waking up to thousand detailed nature😍🌳🌼🌻🌺🌲🌾, sipping your tea ☕️next to warbling stream with serenades of birds. Maybe, you are on top a rock, maybe your scenery has a big mountain🗻 or just vast soil only carry trees🌲, flowers 🌹and animals🐐. Next day, you are on top of the skyscraper😍🌆. There are […]

  • Running love 💖

    Jogging was thankfully done 👏🏻🤗💖

  • Phrygian Road – Frig Yolu

    ☆ P H R Y G I A N R O A D • 2 0 1 8 ☆ How wonderful to walk step by step on the history and appreciate it. This road convey 8th century BC to today. According to historians the ruins of Gordion and Midas City prove that Phrygia had developed […]

  • Running love 💖

    Glad to be able to run half an hour 🤗👏🏻💖   Golden Rules of Running for me: Golden Rule One: A strong body will support your running, so don’t try to go from zero to hero, have patience and persistence in your practice, do the basic core exercises, stretch regularly. Stretching make you less sore the […]

  • St. Pierre Church

      St. Pierre Church is an ancient cave church located just outside modern Antakya. You can observe Antakya from top of the hill where the church was located. Astonishingly beautiful natural site, full of olive trees, becomes even more striking with knowing its history and significance. It was admitted as the F I R S T   C […]

  • Waterfalls of Harbiye

    If you go to Hatay, don’t forget to hug the trees of Harbiye waterfall. They are brilliantly amazing!! Harbiye Waterfall is almost 7-8 km from Hatay city center, also known as the Defne Waterfall.

  • Running love

    I found it very hard to run in high temperature, with different clothes and different time of day 😝 still done thankfully perhaps only a mile 💫 💖