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St. Pierre Church


St. Pierre Church is an ancient cave church located just outside modern Antakya. You can observe Antakya from top of the hill where the church was located. Astonishingly beautiful natural site, full of olive trees, becomes even more striking with knowing its history and significance.

It was admitted as the F I R S T   C A T H E D R A L   O F   T H E   W O R L D !

“St. Pierre, to whom the church was dedicated, is the founder of the Antakya Church and the archpriest of the first Christian Community here and also the first Pope in the world. St. Pierre church and its surroundings played a significant role in the period of the early Christianity and expansion of the belief. The church is admitted as the first cathedral of the world and was announced as a place of pilgrimage by the Pope in 1963. Because of the building witnessed the first Christians and their meetings, it bears a unique importance.” https://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5613/

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  1. bossLadyBLOOMS – BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

    Awesom pictures. Thank you for this post.

  2. Miss Know a Little – I’m Dainya and I’m the blogger behind “Miss know a little”. Here on my blog, I share honest encouragement…

    Oh man, I love the pictures you posted, I wish I could see more. I love historical places, its just something about them that makes you happy, lol. Thanks for sharing Bertha.

  3. That is very cool. I may have to plan a trip.

  4. Beautiful images!! keep traveling. 🙂

  5. Sulav Sapkota – Gaindakot-05,Nawalparasi – B.Sc.CSIT Student, with a passion for Information Technology.Loves to surf IT related contents throughout the web and share my knowledge through blogs.

    I wish I could explore historical sites like these. Hope someday I will get a chance. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures 🙂 .

  6. Beautiful photos of a place I was not familiar with,and I love your tag line, live in color!

  7. These pictures are gorgeous… Thanks for the great post. Very informative.

  8. exploretheworld – Hey there!

    Thanks for sharing. Pictures look great

  9. Very insightful and informative post…never ever heard of St. Pierre’s Church before so I say a massive thank you for sharing. Great pictures to go with a great post x

  10. TheSuperMomLife – Heather is the Mom of three and a marketing professional. She enjoys graphic design, writing, photography and going on new adventures and making new memories with her family.

    I love to visit old churches like this. So much history.

  11. Woow! Awe-inspiring scenes! I love the place and beauty in it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wooww!! Awe-inspiring scenes! I love the place and the beauty in it! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, this is an amazing place. So relax, love to visit this place.

  14. Explorethe6 – Two gal pals eating and traveling our way through Toronto and the world. 😋🍽🌍

    This is such a stunning view. Looks like a relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

  15. Wow! this looks amazing and like a great adventure!

  16. Blair Villanueva – Bonifacio Global City, Philippines – women's lifestyle and travel blogger, and a kick-ass DIYer

    First cathedral? How wonderful you visited this place! It is gorgeous and full of history.

  17. I absolutely LOVE historical structures!

  18. panushwari – Poorna Banerjee writes about food, travel and lifestyle and reviews products on her blog.

    I love visiting churches – they are mostly so peaceful! Loved your post.

  19. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!! Love it!!

  20. This looks beautiful! I’m so fascinated by historical churces!

  21. This looks beautiful! I’m so fascinated by historical churches!

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