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My World’s Best Breakfast

the loving spoonful

I must tell about how I’m very glad and grateful to have my world’s best desert by coming home back.

It’s a wonderful combination of

1 blended banana

Chia Cup 2 Tablespoons of chia seeds to 1 cup of liquid (I prefer milk these days) for a single serving

3 Walnuts

3 Almonds

5-10 hazelnuts

5-10 blueberry

5-10 raspberry

5-10 cranberry

I also alternate this with different fresh fruits or kefir instead of chia cup.

Very easy, naturally sweet, 

the lovin’ spoonful, B L E S S I N G


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    This is a great breakfast…I am used to fruits and a variety of nuts in breakfast…keeps me a time all day…
    Thank you

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