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Month: April 2019

  • Watercolour Exhibition

    My mom has a watercolour painting exhibition and this wonderful moment remained from the opening of the exhibition.

  • Ankara Yarı Maratonu

    I’ve completed this race on Sunday. Easily 🎉👏🏻

  • A gift of Nature

    Hope you can be receptive in nature. Hope you realize Nature’s sound doesn’t use alphabets, yet it explains a lot.Hope you deeply comprehend besides what is said.Hope you grasp the frequencies and let those frequencies to be imprinted in you.Hope you can summon those vibrations back in the time you needed. Hope you truly know and never […]

  • Sensible Training

    Balance is the most crucial concept for maintainability and a crucial component of physical ability. My body needs adequate recovery times after workout whether it running or hiking. If I’m doing a physically rigorous exercise I should balance it with a yummy stretching or a gentle massage. My body needs to be nourished, nurtured and […]

  • Beautiful moments of Life

    Meet this beautiful wild boy in the middle of the hike, just having my lunch on the green grass surrounded by trees, while smelling the fresh air after the rain, under the sun 😍😍😍 Guess how I felt… Pure joy!😍😍 💖Thanks, Yeni Rota (not only a great guide but also a talented photographer) to capture this lovely moment 🙏👏🥳

  • Nature Sports Training

    The last weekend, I’ve succesfully completed this thrilling traning. These photos and the experince will stay. 🎉

  • Seek by iNaturalist

    What a wonderful application to explore Earth’s biodiversity. I think every nature-lover will appreciate it. “learn more at bit.ly/2FQvIe4, & download free from your iOS or Android app store.”

  • 10 k

    Being at the end of the 10 k in less than a hour 😍 is like having magical moments of the perseverence to me 🎉💕 cheers to magic moments 👏🏻😇😅

  • Talks on Yoga

    Detailed explanations on many points about Yoga and Life ; Meditation Steps on YouTube. Recommended 🙂