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Freeing the questions

Living with a happy, cheerful and joyful body is a success. It is a great ability and courage to look at the situations we are in most of the time with a realistic perspective and still smiles.

Maybe only a free mind can smile with a big shine. Maybe this is the reflection for the outside from in.

For this purpose, like many of us, I do not put my best back and value the spare time that is left for me. Like a homecoming party on weekends. An opportunity to start the week with a smile. Having a lovevly Sunday bearkfast, spending time with your loved ones, readings, body & mind exercies plus; holistic therapies, yoga practices, body therapies, sound & light therapies, meditation.

But how successful can it be if the majority does not make the same effort? Or how long can this success be continued?

The important thing is not to answer the questions, but to be able to free the mind from the questions, says a philosophy style. Here I write exactly with this intention. My goal is to relax my mind 🙂

People are surly, the streets are dirty … Waiting for the radiance of joy of life – when you know that unemployment exists in the very high level, and the status and return of working conditions are not well – is it unscrupulous? Or is it a completely different problem that those people are incapable of throwing their garbage in the trash? Is it so difficult for them to be able to instantly evaluate what they leave behind? Can it be relieved by punishments? What does the existence of these penalties feel those people who already comply with these rules?

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