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7 Billion Others


Although there are many different examples of the genre of the interactive documentary, I think, what is the best case describes the overall meaning of the interactive documentary is  7 Billion Others by Yann Arthus-Bertrand in 2003. The project is a paragon for analysing usability, utility, satisfaction and communicative qualities and design of the sociability.

By having different forms such as book and DVD, the project is also an example of a transmedia project.

The project, which consists of 6,000 interviews were filmed in 84 countries by about twenty directors who went in search of the Others, is sponsored by BNP Paribas, Foundation Good Planet.  “From a Brazilian fisherman to a Chinese shopkeeper, from a German performer to an Afghan farmer, all answered the same questions about their fears, dreams, ordeals, hopes: What have you learnt from your parents? What do you want to pass on to your children? What difficult circumstances have you been through? What does love mean to you?”

In the project, you can see many different faces and voices from different geographies replying the same existential questions.

Even so usually, as Simanovski mentioned, universal truth and values in the global multiculturalism dancing stands easier than talking. As I project that chose to lexical expression one billion others still express universality of humanism.