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Category: Contemporariness

  • 7+1 Steps of Dashboard Design

    7+1 Steps of Dashboard Design

    “Dashboard”. This word, which has taken its place in our lives as an indispensable element of portals today, was first used in 1846 for the wooden or leather plate used by the horse’s hooves to prevent mud from splashing on the vehicle. In the 1900s, it evolved as the panel under the windshield where control […]

  • Appreciation of Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix

    What a lovely new animated series. Certainly love the animation quality; delicacy and softness in it!

  • Luxury of Contemporariness

    One day, you’re waking up to thousand detailed nature😍🌳🌼🌻🌺🌲🌾, sipping your tea ☕️next to warbling stream with serenades of birds. Maybe, you are on top a rock, maybe your scenery has a big mountain🗻 or just vast soil only carry trees🌲, flowers 🌹and animals🐐. Next day, you are on top of the skyscraper😍🌆. There are […]