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Category: Examples of Documentaries

  • Interactive Documentary Examples

    7 Billion Others  Aspen Movie Map Biology of Story Project Night Walk  New Orleans: A city in Transion

  • GUI

    According the Castells who made his PHD in the field of interactive documentary  first graphical user interface (GUI Graphic User Interface) was a key for the decade that began till today for any interactive application, and especially in the case of the interactive documentary. “A graphical user interface (GUI), is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through…

  • Documentarist

    Documentarist’s field is reality and the outside world. All kind of social contexts,and their relations might be the increments of the documentary maker. Yet, many documentary examples and documentarists are outside the boundaries of the big fiction system and outside the major film studios. Documentarist deal with the questions like how can one organize the material within which topic…

  • Project J-Fest Doc

    Interactive storytelling is the novel form of art. As Schneider (2011) proposes that documentary is in a state of flux due to the influence of ‘network conditions’ like all the forms of media. In Schneider’s argument, the objective is to reinvent documentary by responding to the ‘aesthetic potential of contemporary networked production’ (2011). Working from this…