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Category: Key Concepts of Documentary Making

  • Why Media Archeology matters?

    “Things matter in terms of their politics and how they participate in the construction of our world.” (Parrika, Jussi. What is Media Archeology. Polity Press, 2012.) Media devices are a proof of the concept of a discrete spatiotemporal dimension which has shaken the claim that man cannot be in two different places at the same…

  • Carnival

    The sensitive ear will always catch even the most distant echoes of a carnival sense of the world. – Michail Bakhtin (1984:107)

  • Design

    Integrity and Isolation / Harmony and ContrastGood design mostly archives unity with its environment. Isolated enough to being a discrete entity but still integrated to its background. Otherwise, it might loose its functionality. Each design evokes and invokes the inescapable totality of a culture, On the other hand, contrast is a pivotal context in the…

  • The Machinic Phylum

    “There is no biosphere… but everywhere the same Machanosphere” (1988:69) Everything in an organised matter – organic and otherwise – is a machine, differently released.

  • History of Automations

    “A study of the history of automata clearly revelas that several of the basic inventions produced for these attempts to imitate life by mechanical means led to significant developments culminating in modern automation and cybernetics.” (Bedini 1964:41) Automaton is a self moving machine simulates the actions of a living being. “I suppose the body to…

  • Media History

    Geological and Biological side of the media As Jussi Parrika writes in his book called A Geology of Media “Media history conflates with earth history ; the geological materials of metals and chemicals gets deterritorialized from their strata and reterritorialized in machines that defines our technical media culture.” (pg 35) For instance, obviously, cooper is…

  • Medium Theory

    Changes in modes of communication have important consequences for the society according to Medium theory. According to one of the most well known medium theorists McLuhan, history can be divided into four communication periods. These periods named by oral, writing, printing, and electronic based on the dominant communicational modes. And these modes also differentiate the social organisation…

  • Carnival Culture

    Culture of Laugher Contemporary festivals derive from the ancient history and the philosophy of carnival which has the “notion of laughter’s therapeutic and liberating force” (Bakhtin) and also sanctioned by the highest ideal aims of human existence, not by the world of practical conditions. Festival, as a gate which opens beyond the normative understanding of modern society, is a declaration of the utopia.…

  • Electron Tube

    The tube is a essential medium that unites various media complex. (radio, oscilloscope, television, computer) Cathode Ray Tube