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Literature, love 💖

I’ve met with this bestseller book in the bookstore. After, I’ve learned that it’s name means “a reason for being” in Japanese. I had not heard of the concept and I’m not sure if I have a very specific or significant one but certainly feel that I’m blessed enough to jump in the early morning with a great joy, filled with appreciation for my happiness and good fortune 💖

May you experience joy, and may your happiness continue. 💫

Sweet sensation of summer


Tactile delight of cold water feeling the breath fully and, consciously
Sipping a good coffee from the preferred cup and having its rush into the blood,
Turning on the music, hearing the notes and feeling their vibration into the brain,
Watching the movement of trees knowing the winds,
Smelling the blossoms of the flowers, and appreciate their beauty over their vulnerability,
Licking an ice cream sensing it’s melt in the mount,
Dancing in the hot nights chasing the heart beats,
Lying down on bare soil for watching the stars,
Moving slightly into clean sheets,
Falling a sleep after making love with the cosmos,
Feeling time passing moment by moment and having its pleasure,
Repeating the similar wonders with a great uncertainty,
These are what it means to live with the mellifluous voice of the summer to me.