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Category: Notes on screens

  • Appreciation of Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix

    What a lovely new animated series. Certainly love the animation quality; delicacy and softness in it!

  • Appreciation to Lazy Dancer Tips

    A special thanks go to dedicated Alessia, very sweet, and resourceful dancer, for her specialised works and uplifting encouragements. Her elegance in movement extends to me while the global pandemic days. Each one of her videos contributes insight into what is needed to keep this body fit. Thank You!! Keep being awesome!! Here is her […]

  • Seek by iNaturalist

    What a wonderful application to explore Earth’s biodiversity. I think every nature-lover will appreciate it. “learn more at bit.ly/2FQvIe4, & download free from your iOS or Android app store.”

  • Talks on Yoga

    Detailed explanations on many points about Yoga and Life ; Meditation Steps on YouTube. Recommended 🙂

  • Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

    Watching this documentary is like to be involved in a mysterious research project for 90 minutes. Diving to the depth of waters with skilful divers, working with archaeologists, who write the history with combining excavated parts date back to thousand years before our time. Historic monuments, a gigantic ship skinked in the Rome period, stories from mythologies, […]

  • Performativity of sex

    The film of Pedro Almodovar’s “The skin I live in” (2011) must be the one to watch whoever wants to see about love, rape, and revenge. I guess the theory of Judith Buther’s gender trouble and performativity (the theory based on the idea all bodies are gendered from the beginning of their social existence, which […]

  • Appreciation of Crash Course

    It is quite boring and tedious, to study a subject that is far from your interest. However, some media tools make this process a lot easier. And I think it’s well worth to appreciate them. What I feel thankful this week is Crash Course, educational youtube channel. It has numerous subjects and many series about […]

  • Interface

    “Appearance is knowledge, of a kind. Showing becomes a way o saying the unsayable. Visual knowledge… provides one of our primary means of comprehending the experience of other people.” David McDougall (2006: 5-6)

  • The Bathtub (2015)

    In Tim Ellrich’s film called “The Bathtub”(2015), there is an ingrained frozen moment in the middle of the story. The photograph that will make the mother happy holding the story altogether, like a glue. During 12’5 minutes, three men are struggling for making the moment, which has captured in their childhood, alive again. There is […]

  • Buster Keaton (1895 – 1966)

    How fabulous to meet with #BusterKeaton (1895-1966) in an ordinary night of late fall, almost a century later, in a far far away from where he lived, perhaps in a place where he had never been. This is how #screen time/place compound is working…What an amazing person,  #stunning #performance, charming outlook. A physically talented and psychologically insightful actor is considered one  of […]