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Category: ☉Notes on short trips

  • Trip to the Black Sea

    Listening to pulsation of the nature, Stepping on the clouds  

  • Short Trips – Amasra/North West Turkey

    Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 41.750183, 32.387524. The “Kuşkaya” or “Bird’s Rock” monument is accessible by a staircase on the roadside and, it is located about 4 kilometres away from Amasra. Now headless human believed to be the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Germanicus and the headless figure of a Roman eagle carved into the rock. It […]

  • Sundace Camp

    www.sundancecamp.com With stunning natural and historical atmosphere,  meticulous members, and the facilities; Sundance makes the J-Fest possible in every year. It locates in West Mediterranean region of Turkey known as part of the Gold Coast, in a city called Antalya. Situated right on the famous Lycian Way, today’s Teke Peninsula which juts into the Mediterannean on Turkey’s southern coast, […]