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Category: ☉Notes on short trips

  • Riding in Nature

    I had a short riding trip yesterday in Bolu. Meeting this beautiful white girl and being on her back was a very pleasent experience. I’m grateful 💖

  • Kiss

    Kiss 😍 Photo by Bircan Yaman

  • Love

    Nature is somewhere you never want to stop making memories 💖 so beautiful 💝 and I’m thankful for its grace Photo by Yeni Rota

  • Solitude

    So delightful,so generous,full pf wide and wild love 😌 May we all feel the frequency of forests, the ectasy of earth’s lovers 💝

  • Horse Riding

    This moment holds a great sensation… It’s like a wonderful inteplay/transportation between ages… as if it gripped the imagination of the ancient world. 💖

  • Water Hike

    Joyful heart in limpid water  Oh, the sound of this brilliant water is amazing Water Walk/hike is very fun as I expected. I have only got a few little scars. I couldn’t take many photos. This one comes from the calmest part of the path. Wonderful place to practice my balance pose  It has been […]

  • Climbing a mountain

    The days passed and I couldn’t post my adventure on the mountaintop. I’ve decided to put some pictures and post this one without many words. As I wrote before I repeat: “My attempt to climb a mountain is a miracle as each sunrise is miraculous” Waking up before the dawn, hiking up and down…