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Category: Phrasal Verb

  • Work Out

    Anlam: fiziksel egzersiz yapmak Örnek Cümleler: She is looking fit. She works out nearly everyday. You can’t find them at home they had gone to work out before you came by. What do you do for work out? For example, running makes me feel good.

  • Look forward to

    Anlam: Gelecekte birşey için heyecanlı olmak Örnek Cümleler: I’m looking forward to seeing you next week. I miss you a lot. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon. There are some news but I want to tell you when we meet. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  • Bring smt. up

    Anlam: kusmak Örnek Cümleler: I’m so glad that you brought up the poison. She brought up the whole meal. I think its taste is awful, perhaps it is stale, supposedly  I’m gonna bring it up.

  • Burn Out

    Anlam: uzun süre boyunca çok çalışmaktan fiziksel veya duygusal olarak çok yorulmak. Örnek Cümleler: I’m afraid to burn out with the last straw. There is no sense to work harder if it will end with burning out. He should be balance his work otherwise he’s gonna burn out.

  • Slack Off

    Anlam: gevşemek, işini aksatmak Örnek Cümleler: Usually, she works very hard but today she has been slacking off today. Her work requires continues attention no time to slacking off. Please concentrate on your work and don’t slack it off.

  • Coasted Along

    Anlam: daha hızlı ya da daha başarılı olmayı denemeden, yalnızca yapmak zorunda olduklarını yapmak. Örnek Cümleler: The subject is not interesting for her so she just coasted along in class.

  • Squared Away

    Anlam: birşeyi başarılı bir şekilde tamamlama, bitirme Don’t you worry, she’ll get things squared away. They will join us after they has squared away the other parts.