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Appreciation to Lazy Dancer Tips

A special thanks go to dedicated Melancia, very sweet, and resourceful dancer, for her specialised works and uplifting encouragements. Her elegance in movement extends to me while the global pandemic days. Each one of her videos contributes insight into what is needed to keep this body fit. Thank You!! Keep being awesome!!

Here is her channel and wonderful videos:

Sensible Training

Balance is the most crucial concept for maintainability and a crucial component of physical ability. My body needs adequate recovery times after workout whether it running or hiking. If I’m doing a physically rigorous exercise I should balance it with a yummy stretching or a gentle massage. My body needs to be nourished, nurtured and replenished before another intensive training.

In that sense, the series of restorative movements helps me a lot. Combining forward folds, deep twists to remove the lactic acid, calm the nervous system and revitalize my body is necessary to feel grounded, refresh, and go forward.

Furthermore, those easy movements and poses create an easy secure place for meditation.

Meditation is like a homecoming party. It leads me to embody playful, joyful and enchanting aspects of the Divine. It allows me to free myself from the manipulations and let me get more from every moment and movement.