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Günaydın! Have a great week! Passe une bonne semaine!

Kalbinizi gülümseten görüntülerin, misss kokulu anların içinde soluklanacağınız,

Harika yiyeceklerin tadına bakıp, enfes melodiler işiteceğiniz,

Hangisinin birbirinden güzel olduğuna karar veremeyeceğiniz ve her biri için şükran duyacağınız anlarla dolu bir hafta sizi bekliyor olsun.

içinizdeki huzurun ve verdiği hazzın hiç eksilmemesi, ve çevrenize yayılması dileğiyle.

I wish you a glorious week full of moments that you can; breate in sweet smell, taste deslicious foods, listen delightful melodies, be in the place that makes your heart smile and feel the grace, truely appretiate each of them.

Hope your positive vibration shine over you and spread all around.

Passe une bonne semaine!

Thanksgiving 💖

I want to thank some people, and tell how valued they are for me by being who they are, making efforts to sharing their gifts all over the world, keeping me motivated from the other corners of world, remind me the beauty of human, show me what is the capacity of body, getting me excited to be in the same time with them, helping me to believe the world is worth place to live, shortly; fulfilling the all needs of an aesthete. Human angels! They bring the bit of heaven into the earth. Thank you thousand times.

Here is three of them: Kino MacGregor ,  Susie Vanessa Yoga and  Erika Lemay