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Communication Technologies

Media, as instinctively related to the communication, mediate between the communities, cultures, events by violating the time and space gap. Communication technologies are a bio-technical process of human capability. Therefore, media, as a result of an extension of human intellect integrated with human communication process. The evolution of human and media become entangled and cannot be separated. From the dawn of the nineteenth century, media technologies have developed bilateral. Real time communication that proposes the tele prefix and representational technologies such as photography and film. The intersection of these technologies as a result of their potential became visible in the Twentieth century. This direct entanglement proposed that contemporary network technologies, which allow people to perform in the media rather than only being represented, create new collaborative entities and identities by practising the trajectory of face to face communication by long distance and challenging the social dynamics of locality.

After about hundred years of digitalisation, perhaps, the most striking change in communication and media is the accessibility of the archives. Mobilisation of the devices and human beings as well as the computer and world web technologies contribute to data gathering technologies. Eventually this data gathering technologies come up with archival logic. The archival logic of the new technology put up an augmented reality for self and the all around the self by generating actions and perceptions. This achieved perception with the means of tools cause an ongoing process of the skill building, which can be seized at the same time as an effortless fusion of visual, aural, tactile and proprioceptive stimulus.

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