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Endgames: Waco Resurrection

“This game from C-level is a reality-based, role-playing game in which four players assume the role of the cult leader David Koresh at his virtually reconstructed com- pound in Waco, TX. Koresh, head of a religious sect called the Branch Davidians, was killed when the FBI burst into his compound on February 29th, 1993—an at- tack that took the lives of 85 members of the sect. According to C-level, this game is an interactive documentary that pays much attention to historic details. The de- signers of the game used authentic images made during the attack and sound re- cordings of David Koresh himself.

The players wear hard plastic masks with built-in microphones that function as interface. Assuming the role of Koresh, the four players run around the compound, shooting at FBI agents and other opponents. The game was released in 2003, which was 10 years after the event. According to C- Level, Koresh is the paradoxi- cal personification of the political landscape of the United States: He is both the besieged and assaulted “other” as well as a logical continuation of the neo-conser- vative political vision. Players experience this paradoxical situation when adopt- ing the role of Koresh.”