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“Life being all inclusion and confusion, and art being all discrimination and selection.” Henry James (quoted by Amigoni 2000:102)


This web site is the result of playing with multi-linearity and dynamization of texts in the field of media technologies and media art, which is enabled by digital technology.

From event specified temporalities to media specified temporalities 

J-Fest Digital Video Archive

A project will be submitted to the department of Graphic Design and the institute of Fine Arts of Bilkent University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts

by Bertha Bella Duygu Nas – 2017

This research was a collaborative process that involved the support of many different people. In this brief acknowledgement, I will try to thank everyone who has helped me get there. Thanks to all scholars in the Bilkent University, especially Media and Design programme for their support. Although many people have helped me along the way one person stands out as this thesis’ prime support. Many thanks to Assistant Professor Andreas Treske for his ongoing support and motivation throughout my thesis and my project. I feel grateful to be nourished by his inspiring vision and intellect. Special thanks to Deniz Soyarslan who made the festival possible and provided most of the archival materials of J-Fest. I am grateful to the participant of the festival. I would also like to thank Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütger, who created the software, and Mustafa Kahraman who helped me to establish the software. Thanks to Çağatay Alpay for his technical support and ongoing tips about the video production. I am grateful to Patrick Fessenbecker, who literally witnessed my struggle into the field of English language, helped me a lot as a brilliant interlocutor, and attentive reviewer.  Thanks to him for all the time he donated to discussions with me. I would also like to acknowledge my debt to one cat – Tütü. And at last, the project would not be possible without the support of my mother. Thank you Suzan Canbulat for your endless support and love.