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Thanksgiving 💖

I want to thank some people, and tell how valued they are for me by being who they are, making efforts to sharing their gifts all over the world, keeping me motivated from the other corners of world, remind me the beauty of human, show me what is the capacity of body, getting me excited to be in the same time with them, helping me to believe the world is worth place to live, shortly; fulfilling the all needs of an aesthete. Human angels! They bring the bit of heaven into the earth. Thank you thousand times.

Here is three of them: Kino MacGregor ,  Susie Vanessa Yoga and  Erika Lemay



  • Integrity and Isolation / Harmony and ContrastGood design mostly archives unity with its environment. Isolated enough to being a discrete entity but still integrated to its background. Otherwise, it might loose its functionality. Each design evokes and invokes the inescapable totality of a culture,

    On the other hand, contrast is a pivotal context in the design. Since the aesthetic forms of the environment are not the only one , aesthetic form of the object can be justified by other integrant factors.

  • Focusing
    There has to be the focus in order to see efficiently. This can be either determined by titles or colours, sizes or placement.
  • Navigation (Hierarchy)
    The has to follow the directions. Every composition contains a latent or obvious navigation tools. This makes the frame easily captured. The factor hides the many persuasive techniques in it.

    If one takes the definition of design with the words of George Nelson who defines design “is a manifestation of the capacity of the human spirit to transcend its limitations”, having any form is the result of a design process. But considering what he calls good design with its purpose to holding ornament existence, rather than to substitute for it, originality of the design comes to the front.

    Nonetheless the word design (de-sign) points out the semantic question.