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Tag: culture

  • Short trip to centre of Marmaris in late summer night

    Things to remember from this lovely night; mummy, ice cream, walnuts with ice, Sinem’s jewelery and hug, a few scalptures, songs of karadeniz 

  • Short Trips – Amasra/North West Turkey

    Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 41.750183, 32.387524. The “Kuşkaya” or “Bird’s Rock” monument is accessible by a staircase on the roadside and, it is located about 4 kilometres away from Amasra. Now headless human believed to be the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Germanicus and the headless figure of a Roman eagle carved into the rock. It […]

  • Why Media Archeology matters?

    “Things matter in terms of their politics and how they participate in the construction of our world.” (Parrika, Jussi. What is Media Archeology. Polity Press, 2012.) Media devices are a proof of the concept of a discrete spatiotemporal dimension which has shaken the claim that man cannot be in two different places at the same […]

  • Carnival

    The sensitive ear will always catch even the most distant echoes of a carnival sense of the world. – Michail Bakhtin (1984:107)

  • Re//Curating the Culture in Digital Environment

    Creation is all about mediators. Without them, nothing happens. —Gilles Deleuze   The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) By Paul O’Neill

  • Instant Sharing

    Without doubts, the ability of instant sharing is a bloom in media history. It allows people to express themselves and their environment in a very organic and spontaneous way. The synchronisation of the real-time activity and its digital representation make the process more attractive and artistic. Rather than designing the order, the opportunity to go […]

  • Games

    “Game world is a simplified subdomain of the real world.” Steve Swink Game industry developed as the result of the military contract spin off some of their products around the 1980s. Flight simulators design their technology for the arcade games, including game council PC games muds was growing with a pace. For example, Silicon Valley […]

  • Culture and Digital

    Digital applications convert the very habitual traditions of the cultures. For example, coffee fortune telling. This traditional behaviour of the Turkish people goes online on these days. People with smart phones are taking the pictures of their cups and send them to the virtual character who analyses the coffee cups and send them the analysis […]