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Tag: culture

  • Spatiality

      Spatiality of the Digital Environment For the first time, space becomes media type. (Manovich, 2001) Much like the other types of media such as text, audio, video and stills space has become media type. While  linear media such as books and films can depict space,only digital environments can present space that we can move through. […]

  • Digital Environments

    First of all, to be able to articulate digital environments,  inherent language of digital environments has to be considered. Distinctive specify of the medium is its codes. What are the digital codes basically? Digital means switching between the states of one-on-connected and zero-off-disconnected by electrical terms.  As switching between the two states means representing information […]

  • Books

    Treske, Andreas. Video Theory : Online Video Aesthetics Or The Afterlife Of Video. n.p.: Bielefeld : Transcript Verlag, 2015., 2015. Laurel, Brenda. Computers As Theatre. n.p.: Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1993., 1993. Murray, Janet Horowitz. Hamlet On The Holodeck : The Future Of Narrative In Cyberspace. n.p.: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1998., 1998. Miller, Carolyn Handler. Digital Storytelling : […]

  • Interactive Documentary

    With little notice, computer and web technologies just told us a lot about our contemporary world and its transformations. The developments have an impact on each level of human lives. Of course, As a way of narrational genre, the documentary is also affected by this revolutionary exploration. By reflecting the logical connectives new form has […]