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  • Verrry Soon

    Verrrry Soon! This year’s theme of the convention is “UNDERWATER” and the costume party is going to be on the festival’s 3rd day’s evening on Wednesday! Don’t forget to bring your costumes and accessories with you! Blup blup blup!

  • Carnival

    The sensitive ear will always catch even the most distant echoes of a carnival sense of the world. – Michail Bakhtin (1984:107)

  • Carnival Culture

    Culture of Laugher Contemporary festivals derive from the ancient history and the philosophy of carnival which has the “notion of laughter’s therapeutic and liberating force” (Bakhtin) and also sanctioned by the highest ideal aims of human existence, not by the world of practical conditions. Festival, as a gate which opens beyond the normative understanding of modern society, is a declaration of the utopia. […]

  • Archive of the J-Fest

    Digital Video Archive  In analytic philosophy, as Ernst (pg 184) mentioned, “the event represents an ontological being that is not a static object but a process”.  Festival as an event indicates a process. It can be represented in many different ways in a digital realm. It may be documentaries, or games, films or animations. However, […]