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Tag: hiking

  • Beautiful moments of Life

    Meet this beautiful wild boy in the middle of the hike, just having my lunch on the green grass surrounded by trees, while smelling the fresh air after the rain, under the sun 😍😍😍 Guess how I felt… Pure joy!😍😍 💖Thanks, Yeni Rota (not only a great guide but also a talented photographer) to capture this lovely moment 🙏👏🥳

  • Day Trip

    Birds flying highYou know how I feelSun in the skyYou know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on byYou know how I feel…

  • Water Hike

    Joyful heart in limpid water  Oh, the sound of this brilliant water is amazing Water Walk/hike is very fun as I expected. I have only got a few little scars. I couldn’t take many photos. This one comes from the calmest part of the path. Wonderful place to practice my balance pose  It has been…

  • Climbing a mountain

    The days passed and I couldn’t post my adventure on the mountaintop. I’ve decided to put some pictures and post this one without many words. As I wrote before I repeat: “My attempt to climb a mountain is a miracle as each sunrise is miraculous” Waking up before the dawn, hiking up and down…  

  • Hiking in Anatolia

    Çankırı: Çerkeş Köyü, Yoncalı Şelaleleri, Dağçukurören Köyü, Kısaç Köyü Hiking around Anatolia and discovering its natural beauty.

  • Nature love 💗

    Let’s beauty of nature heals the broken parts of all 💖

  • Snow, love 💖

    It was sooo white and lovely ❄🌲❄

  • Hiking day 💫

    Lovely village that I have seen today…

  • Hiking day 💌

    I have been in the naturally magical places, I have seen bright beauties of nature, I have walk on the snow, mud and soil. I have climbed and gone down. I have laught and I have cried by the intense pain of my hurted ankle. I heard the voice of deligted songs from birds. I…

  • Have a great weekend! 🎊

    💫Have a peaceful and joyous weekend everone!💫💌💕 May beauty and love sorround you whereever you are 😊 I’m on the way to Bolu to hike. It’s still dark. But it will get brighter about one hour with a risen sun 🌇 I am excited to be in natureland 🌄 😌