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Tag: history

  • St. Pierre Church

      St. Pierre Church is an ancient cave church located just outside modern Antakya. You can observe Antakya from top of the hill where the church was located. Astonishingly beautiful natural site, full of olive trees, becomes even more striking with knowing its history and significance. It was admitted as the F I R S T   C […]

  • Media Archeological Objects

    Here you can find the photos of media objects from the past, which were taken on my short trip to a museum yesterday in Kızılcahamam and you may think about their scarcely credible change. When we aware of the time, it gets even more and more astonishing. This change happens only in 150 years! Look […]

  • Kaunos King Tombs / Dalyan 

    It’s very nice to having lunch and dreaming about ancient time in front of this view. We were in the restaurant called Safran.

  • Constantin Brancusi

    To see far is one thing, going there is another. Constantin Brancusi is one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century and pioneer of modernism. He is counted in Dada and Cubism movements. The Table of Silence 1907 The Kiss 1910 Sleeping Muse 1910 Bird in Space 1923 The Endless Column 1938

  • Why Media Archeology matters?

    “Things matter in terms of their politics and how they participate in the construction of our world.” (Parrika, Jussi. What is Media Archeology. Polity Press, 2012.) Media devices are a proof of the concept of a discrete spatiotemporal dimension which has shaken the claim that man cannot be in two different places at the same […]

  • History of Automations

    “A study of the history of automata clearly revelas that several of the basic inventions produced for these attempts to imitate life by mechanical means led to significant developments culminating in modern automation and cybernetics.” (Bedini 1964:41) Automaton is a self moving machine simulates the actions of a living being. “I suppose the body to […]

  • Media History

    Geological and Biological side of the media As Jussi Parrika writes in his book called A Geology of Media “Media history conflates with earth history ; the geological materials of metals and chemicals gets deterritorialized from their strata and reterritorialized in machines that defines our technical media culture.” (pg 35) For instance, obviously, cooper is […]

  • Instant Sharing

    Without doubts, the ability of instant sharing is a bloom in media history. It allows people to express themselves and their environment in a very organic and spontaneous way. The synchronisation of the real-time activity and its digital representation make the process more attractive and artistic. Rather than designing the order, the opportunity to go […]