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  • Instant Sharing

    Without doubts, the ability of instant sharing is a bloom in media history. It allows people to express themselves and their environment in a very organic and spontaneous way. The synchronisation of the real-time activity and its digital representation make the process more attractive and artistic. Rather than designing the order, the opportunity to go…

  • Digital Environments

    First of all, to be able to articulate digital environments,  inherent language of digital environments has to be considered. Distinctive specify of the medium is its codes. What are the digital codes basically? Digital means switching between the states of one-on-connected and zero-off-disconnected by electrical terms.  As switching between the two states means representing information…

  • Books

    Treske, Andreas. Video Theory : Online Video Aesthetics Or The Afterlife Of Video. n.p.: Bielefeld : Transcript Verlag, 2015., 2015. Laurel, Brenda. Computers As Theatre. n.p.: Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1993., 1993. Murray, Janet Horowitz. Hamlet On The Holodeck : The Future Of Narrative In Cyberspace. n.p.: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1998., 1998. Miller, Carolyn Handler. Digital Storytelling :…

  • Modes of Interactive Documentary

    Specification of the attributions are necessary for the users to understand what they are trying to accomplish. According to Gaudenzi (2013) there are new modes for this new artistic genre. These are; Hypertext mode Conversational mode Participatory mode Experiential mode