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Tag: light

  • From top of the mountain Işık 💫

    “There is nothing prettier in the whole world as a girl in love with every breath she takes.” Atticus

  • Light love 😍

    Colors, colours, colours…

  • Nature Love 💖

    May nourishment of the earth be with you, may they help you shine bright and travel light. May your light be your weapon and most of all may the peace is your goal.

  • New Moon

    Hail Selene; Holy luna, Honoured queen of the night, Light upon my path and glow it bright. May I/you feel your light in the lovely October night, when the new moon and the beginnings are in sight, may my path be revealed and show me what is right, may I/you be blessed with your peace […]

  • Electromagnetic radiation on the skin

    thanks to Maxwell we know that the energy in light is transferred by means of radiation, which requires no medium.