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Yoga Love – Yin Aspect

Yang yoga; power yoga, vinyasa or any types of active asana practices sustain countless physical and emotional health benefits, especially for those living a sedentary modern lifestyle. However, especially for those who are active in their daily routines, as we need a balance in everything, consider trying Yin style of yoga. As Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect, Yin sessions consist long duration of the generally passive poses.

If you need to relax and ease your body and mind, if you need to work on your connective tissue: ligaments, tendons, and fascia, Yin sequences are best for you. It’s known that myofascial release, which you can also attain by massage or foam rolling, also increases a range of motion and reduces pain and recovery time.

Here you can find very well prepared session by Jennifer Raye. I recommend you put your warm clothes on and ease into the stillness.

Yoga love

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Asana practice is a great present one/you can give you. Thanks to Yunus, I had a great yoga session in the morning. Living in the resonance of the breath during an hour, purifying the mind and body by sending the breath to the each bent, twisted, reversed and folded body part; shortly having a yoga session is an attempt to be appreciated by the soul.

For me, yoga is such a subtle way to celebrate life.



Expanding on solid ground

For the times when your body gets sore from traveling, it’s not only wonderful to take time for spoiling what’s uniquely yours and it is also necessary for establishing the inner firmness. Lying down and relaxing your body, receding your facial features to draw attention inward, letting the sight come out, moving gently, easing your muscles, tissues, one by one… visualising their connections, stretching them mindfully, realising and paying attention to your core,  restoring and liberating body… noticing the after taste of your journey…

Letting this rich sensation is a gift from love. May our love grow.