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Appreciation of listening jazz music

086655bd33b6891ab9d9e50198778c89How delightful to listen dearest jazz music early in the morning…

Isn’t it fabulous activity what we do. we do correspond to half-conscious resonance to tonal patterns that intermingled in time. We move our heads, arms, lips according to music. We tap our feet, hum, and sing… And thus, our emotional sensitivity toward music is striking. Our minds also move to the feelings of what we are hearing.

Music is profoundly satisfying.

Blessed moments of life.

Meditating in the morning is like diving into the universe with a wonderful gadget of your own; imagination. Recalling the imagery of forest, seas, the place you have been, hugging the trees, loving deeply in the woods, smelling the earth, sensing the touch of rain drops, lying into the arms of wild nature, offering your body, singing, whispering, surrendering, submitting your gratitude, feeling thankful again and again…both intensely and easily… traveling, flying, swimming, without physical distance… Having these moments is such a blessing!